KaceyTower Hill Antiques is a trusted name in the world of historic residential buildings. Over the years, we have built a name for ourselves and a loyal client base thanks to our knowledge of and interest in old buildings. If you have an interest in buying a selling a historic property, then Tower Hill Antiques is where you should begin your search. We make your search for a historic home simple with our database- no matter what you’re interested in, we are sure to find several properties that match your requirements. Choose from a wide range of property sizes, architectural styles and building condition to acquire the one house that feels like your dream home.┬áSelling with Tower Hill Antiques is just as easy. Once you put a property up for listing, your responsibility becomes our responsibility.

Who can resist the rustic charm and the timeless grace of an antique home? Join us today as we continue further on our journey of restoring and preserving beautiful old buildings and keeping intact our nation’s heritage.